How to get the map to show


I have been using the map component in other projects before, but it seems like currently, getting a Goole Maps API key, is not as simple as before.
I think I did everything right, even added payment details for Google to give me an API key, but I’m not sure that I’m doing it right, because I add the API key to the project, but my map won’t show at all.
I have put some border around it to verify that the component is there and that shows.
Also I have added a label that changes the text when onMapReady and it does change the text!

But the map won’t show at all, only a little pink square (which is the border I set to the component).

Other times I had no problem whatsoever with the map, but I haven’t used it for around two years (I just to educational projects for my students once a year and last year we didn’t use maps)

Can somebody point me to a resource with specifics steps on how to get the API Key? Because I’m starting to think that the API key I got is not the correct one.
Or if you have any other idea as why it wouldn’t load, please let me know (I’m trying the app on an iPhone 13).

Thank you

Nobody has had problems with the map? Is there any step by step I can follow?

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