How to get resource name of components?

Hi there,

I want to test my app in Firebase Test Lab, but I need the resource name of the text input of the email and password to sign in the test devices:

Do you know, how to get the resource name of components?

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I dont know what is firebase test lab.
But what i can tell is that you need to give login credentials like in username resource
and password like *****

Yeah, I know that, but you have to enter the resource name of the text inputs’, so the Test Lab knows where to input those credentials.

Sorry … I dont know more on this. I guess @Power_Thunkers may be able to help you out

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In Thunkable, we use the SignIn component and it is the one passing the resource name to Firebase SDK. Thunkable made it easy for us as we only need to supply the email and password in the SignIn component without worrying about other credential specific requirements.