How to get ID an specific item from a Database created

Any one can help to me…

I want to to get the ID for the match of this sentence. If I put a value in the text user I obtain all the matches relation of this text user, and I can use the next columns for those match.

It helps if you show us sample data.

If your database looks like this:


And you check if the list of values contains “apple” that will be true but it won’t give you all of the matches. For that, you need to use a loop.

Also, the does contain block only returns true or false. It will probably work better to loop through the values in that column and check each one, one by one, against the text input value.

You might find it helpful to Google find all matches Thunkable because there are other examples of this.

I’m trying but it backs to me whole “Lote” items, and I need just the items who already have it this user.

Is this a Google Sheet? Because if it’s AirTable, there’s a better way to do this using their API and filterByFormula.

But if it’s not Airtable, then your method should work with a few changes. For one thing, you don’t need the [gear list] block in front of the [app variable entireList] block. The variable is already a list. You almost never need to use the [gear list] block in Thunkable.

Also, the [list of values] block is slow because it gets every value. So don’t use it twice. And you shouldn’t update a List Viewer’s text items inside of a loop because you only need to do that at the end of the loop.

Try this:

Sometimes these loops are a little too fast. So if that doesn’t work for you, try adding a Wait 0 seconds block after the [if] block but inside the [count with] loop.


It works but sometimes dont refresh the last registers.

With a Data Viewer list it could be posible too? I mean, that only show the items for the user input in textuser3 ?

No, do not use a Data Viewer List.

You need to try adding a wait block, like I said above.

Yes I do and it works like I said, but for example when I want to see if some specific user is in the list and if is not send an error, like number 1 is inside in other users it takes this and dont show the error alert. I mean for example I have user 1471 but I put number 1 in the text, this doesnt send the error alert.

If you have user 1471 and you search for “1” then it will find that user.

I’m not sure I understand what you are saying.

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