How to get email from firebase?

my app is basically using the blocks for firebase and it works perfectly so far. i’m trying to see if i can retrieve the email from the firebase authentication console, so that way i can make the error about duplicate emails when signing up. i know that i can set the “credential issues” label text to just show the actual error, but i’m trying to display the error in my own text. how could i retrieve the email? would i need to use a variable?

Have you tried signing up twice with the same email address? I think Firebase won’t allow that.

i have tried without realizing, which is how i discovered the error. i want to see if i can make the error for users who accidently try to do the same thing

I think this setting will prevent that:

i do have it set to that. does it prevent that error from showing up?

I’m not sure which error you mean but if you assign the green ‘error’ block to a label’s text, you can display it.


basically this error. i’m trying to change the label to my own text, but the problem is i don’t know how to get the email from firebase

i was working on a backup (which is this same app but a slightly previous version) and the issue seemed to resolve itself and my custom error was able to show up. not sure how, but i guess it was working all along :stuck_out_tongue:

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earlier i was tweaking my firebase blocks, and all of a sudden the emails can’t seem to verify

which is strange, because the verification email seems to send, and the link works
Screenshot 2023-11-04 173346

here are the blocks that have to do with verifying emails, if that helps

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