Firebase - Authentication is not showing the Users

My firebase console is not showing the emails that signup
i can see the old users, but it is not showing any new user

Anybody faced this issue?

Did you check all the pages.

Have you created a test signup to see if there are errors?

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yes, actually the sign up screen is already made long back, my game is already published.

but now when i try to sign up with a new email the inner block “Inside the Sign Up” block take actions, even when i try to sign up again using the same email it tells me that the email is already in use, but when i check the firebase authentication section i don’t find the email

Sorry you are having this issue. I understand that the app registered the email, but you are unable to see it within firebase. Are you able to log in using that email?
Thank you

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First of all, thank you for responding to my post.
Secondly, i’m very sorry for replying very late but i got really busy so i stopped working on my app and just know i stated back.

no i did not receive verification emails, i will try again and let you know

I am having the same problem it is not creating a new user at all in firebase

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