How to get data from a website?

How do i put this - into thunkable. I have tried and looked at all of the answers online but can’t find a single thing, please help. I have the API key and evrything but how do I intergrate it?

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It say this:


All “search” API requests should be sent as a POST request to the following endpoint:

Each successful request will increment your daily request limit by 1, when this limit hits the rate set by support you will have to wait for your allowance to reset.


API requests require the following parameters:

  • key - This is the clients API key, which can found here.
  • type - This is the clients search query type (please see below).
  • query - This is the clients search query.

Available types:

The fields specified below can be used within the type field to perform more precise searches.

  • email_address

  • username

  • ipaddress

  • phone

  • domain

  • password

  • fullname

  • Please note, when using the domain type certain queries have been blacklisted due to abuse concerns.