How to get a column in Firebase and display it in Listview?

I understand the cloud variable now. Cannot get it to work. My blocks

Honestly, I’m having a little problem those blocks as well. Sometimes they seem to work for me which is why I posted them. But yes, a named cloud variable with a path (shorebase/PROFILE) will find a configured Firebase database.

Start with trying to view the first list item of “app profileList” and see if you can get a value from that. That worked for me.

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I noticed a strange glitch with Firebase. It seems the first operation takes much longer than expected to establish the connection to the database and could potentially fail.

My workaround was to start with a [Save] operation of a dummy key that I use. Anything after that seems to work fine.

I don’t have a good explanation for it but it worked for me.

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Good to know. I’ll try your trick.

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