How to Generate Project Documentation

I would like to be able to generate documentation for my project.
This is also so I can do a proper QA of all my blocks across all screens.
Is there a way to do this?
I have tried printing the blocks pages to PDF - which would be ideal - BUT it only prints the first page…
Please advise if and when this will be possible.

Hi Thunkable
Can you provide feedback on this?

ps: I’m assuming that the reason a Browser Print only prints one page of Blocks is that the Dev environment only renders one page of Blocks at a time. ie: if you print the screen you only get what’s visible on the current page.

Can you add an option to render the full code including all the “non visible” Blocks so that a web browser print will print all the pages for all the blocks for that Screen?

Can someone PLEASE advise …

I honestly don’t see this happening anytime in the near future. It might be best for you to go through and take screen shots of each page manually.

This won’t take hours to complete. just simply do it.

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I have 40 screens, each with up to 5 pages of code on them. So that between 150 and 200 pages of code to print out! Yes, simple.