How to find what user is finding when user types?

Do you guys know how to find the language in a list when someone types in something.

For example:

The user tries to find the language french. When he types in f or r or e or n or c or h, it will come up as one of the languages that have that letter in it. And I want that/those letter/s to be in bold.

Is this possible?


I have a simple idea, just use a web viewer with a web page html.

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Thanks @tony.ycy.program,

I don’t know much about html. Only a little bit. But thanks for the idea!

You can adapt the blocks used here for this:

It’s not possible to style letters individually at this time - the main thing here would be to get the search functionality up and running, maybe even add some sorting to the results if you really want, but your users will understand what’s going on even if the letters aren’t bolded.


Thanks @domhnallohanlon!

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