How to display next Question?

sir i am having some problem regarding the question display…i set the questions on data base but only the 1st question is showing on the screen and from next questions only the options button is displaying on the screen…no questions…how to solve this issue please guide

Hi @mibomyirang.myh,

Are you using an incrementer to move through your questions?

Also, you’ve tagged this question “design”…do you have any question about your app UI?

Hi @mibomyirang.myh - haven’t heard back from you about this yet.

Here’s a tutorial about how to create an incrementer for your app:


i wrote basic app for you.
you can control it Thunkable

app use the database (name is lvl_save)
label1 = “question” but users come to last question and click button label values “you last question”
label2 = question in the database
buton = every click change question until last question

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Hey! This project link that you have shared is not working! Could you reshare it if possible?
Thanks :slight_smile:

but you can see the project code why not see it and make it @hetvi.majmudar207938

I am a new thunker actually haha! Can you help me with how to write the project code? I am facing difficulties with it

he already posted the image of his code what more you need?

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Hey @hetvi.majmudar207938 ,

Just dropped a video explaining how to do this.

I’ve included a projectPage link in the video description too - hope that helps.

cc: @mibomyirang.myh


Hey @domhnallohanlon,
where can I find the video?

oops - forgot to include the link in my original post. Edited there now @hetvi.majmudar207938

Thank you so much!!

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