How to display more than one Text or data in to Screen

i want to display text or data same like below given screen :slight_smile:
so how to i do that .

plase help me friend .

I do not see the image. It is not displayed in your message.

can i give you link of image ??


click on this url

Do you want to do this in Thunkable X?

no no ,

i work in first version of thunkable.

so how it possible bro ??

Hello, are you there boss ??

And what exactly do you have difficulty? You do not know how to make a background image, add a label or button to the screen?

i am really sorry , i was given you wrong url of image

i want this type of screen , so how to possible ??

Something like this. Draw a background image in Gimp and add it to the screen. Then add a vertical Layout to the screen. In the vertical Layout, add a Label with the caption. Below the title, add Buttons to the width of the screen with the desired text. For smiles, use Unicode characters or their equivalent code. The text on the buttons, probably, can be formatted with html.

can we use any type of loop in thunkable ??

because i have database, so fetch and print all data.


How to i use ?

bro have you knowledge of sqlite database ??


SQLite info: