How to disable dark mode

I have a problem with my application.
When I have dark Mode enabled on my phone, photos and images in the application load differently. How can I disable the automatic detection of dark mode by the application? I don’t want to recognize it phone is turned in dark mode. Some photos about it.

What are your blocks your using, what phone are you on?,do you have a setting enabled on your phone that forces it(like my phone)?.

My phone is xiaomi mi 9t,
Actually, i use blocks only for screen navigation.
I don’t want the app to have light/dark mode options, i want it to stay in one mode all of the time.
On the screenshots it is not the text but the png I prepared earlier so it should be always the same.
And yes, i have enabled darkmode option on my phone.

There You can see, the table is white when dark mode on my phone is disable

And there when is enabled

You think, this might be a problem with the phone, not the application?

Could you maybe try with an .apk file and install it?
And see if it still continues?