How to disable canvas?

Hi There,

I am building a simple game (Towers of Hanoi) where the user has to move disks from one pole to another. The disks are smoothy moving when they are clicked.

There is a problem when the user ticks the canvas (a sprite) too fast, i.e. when the previous disk is still moving. The logic fails and the game crashes.

Is there a way of ‘disabling’ the canvas during this action, in order to avoid this crash?

Thanks a lot in advace to all who want to help me out on this issue.

Hi @dirk.bij.lbc - you seem to have posted in the #classic-archive section of the Community which is a space for our Android-only platform, Thunkable Classic.

Are you using the latest, cross-platform version of Thunkable?

Ok, sorry for the inconvenience.
I will repost my question in the Thunkable Discussion.

Thanks for the prompt reply!