Hiding Sprites on Canvas not working?


I have a student who would like to hide different sprites depending upon settings read from a data base. hidingSprites

This code isn’t working although we have verified that the value from the data base is correct and the if statement is being executed. Any suggestions?


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I have the sane problem and no one can help!:weary:

Bug in the software??? That is what I am wondering because it seems pretty straight forward.

It’s really a bag in function! I in my app want when I click on sprite it hides! by clicking on the sprite the sprite is still there and no longer dragging

@Fernando_Matos I’ll immediately offered a solution, but for some reason you have not paid attention to it.How do I hide Sprites on the canvas?

@ann.rootb8m34j It is necessary to work with high, as in the example here. Press the hide button and show sprite


Canvas component is really unstable. For this reason, we come up with different crutches.

Hi I am also making an app in which I HAVE TO DISABLE THE SPRITE IMAGE and it should be draggable and it should be like that until it reaches inside another sprite image please tell me it is really important

Also i cannot use hide button