How to delete whole column at set time

How to delete whole column at 12:01 am every day to start again in data list view?
any help with block plz

Whenever a user opens your app, you can use a “current hour” and a “current minute” block to read the time and then save it. You can then read the last time the user opened your app, and the time the user currently has your app open. You can then use an “if” block to see whether it has already passed 12:01. If the past time was before 12:01 and the current time is after 12:01, and if the list still has information saved to it, code the list to delete that info. If not, the information stays in the list.

um no i want to use the list as a sort of APP counter
People click button it make an entry on the list at a particular name & time
but i want this to repeat every day so that data has to cleared to start over again.

What I have described accomplishes that exact goal. Code the app to do this: Look to see if the previous entry was before 12:01. If the current time is after 12:01, then clear the list.

but i want entries made after 12:01 but in the new day

I don’t understand. I thought you wanted your list to be deleted and start over at 12:01?

yes start new day that why i want to clear column once at that time think i can get a block with current time