[Solved] How should I replace a row on a daily basis?

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I am developing a app for daily homework updates for students.
The idea is, Everyday the teacher will give HW, the student will see it. The next day, he can’t see yesterday’s hw.

For example, date is 31st October & maths hw is to memorize squares till 20. The student will see it, (on the same day) & the next day when he opens the HW menu, he sees no homework for today.

I have applied my mind for like half a day thinking on blocks for this part… But :confused:

Any ideas on this?

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You create an object of type homework, which add a field with the date. When the application opening date check occurs. If the date in the homework is not equal to the current - not display this homework.

The student can keep the app open all day, so need a timer to keep track of the date. Once the timer will see tomorrow - there is an inscription - no homework today.


Thanks @actech! :blush:
I’ll try this soon :smile:

Thanks @actech for your idea! :+1:

BTW, I ticked my mind more on this, and found the solution/workaround…

Thanks for your time! :blush:

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This is a pretty frequent question @kartik14, do you mind telling us what your approach was to solving this was?


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Hi Domhnall,

As far as I remember, I dropped this idea of displaying day-wise homework, because student might need to see some previous homework(s)…

So what I did, is displayed the latest homework on the top by using in list insert as 'first' as block. I called all rows from Airtable, and added a checkpoint of ‘if homework is for my class’. So, new homework started appearing on the top, since I was adding the last item at first of the list.

Thanks! :smiley_cat:

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