How to create a stage 2 Or Copy and paste screens?

How do I create a 2nd Stage or is there a way to copy and paste the screen or canvas?

click “save to my screens” and then click “add screen” select “copy from my screens” so select screen that you have saved

you can create stages like creating screens

I am sorry i dont see a save to my screen
Can you send me some example via a picture


simply if you want to create a stage, you can create it like screens, in the canvas edit screen.
or view the canvas docs

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or you can duplicate it

Ok so i am Not sure why but i cant duplicate the stage, I can only duplicate the Canvas or the Screen. I am guessing thats what your referring to?

sorry, I did not mean duplicating the stage, please report Thunkable stafff members

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Ok your cool. i just saw people talking about a second stage/ stage 2, and i thought there could be one Screen and one Canvas with more stages

I told you you can

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Holy Neptune I Found it Thank You