How to create a miniature popup that overlays all apps like Facebook Messenger?

How can I create a miniature of a lable to overlap all apps on the smartphone screen? Like the facebook messenger when you stop to type with someone and a circle with the contact photo appears. Miniature overlap all other apps on the screen.

Hey @fernandojsmedeiros95

Are you talking about a widget? Or like a floating actionable widget that you could click and then do stuff within your app without your app actually being open on the screen?

Do you mean chat heads?

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Thanks by your reply, it´s exactly what I need, is that possible with thunkable?

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Hello Jared, this is how it should work.

You move to another app and my app becomes an small floating circle, in my case with a regressive timer. Then I can click in this not to an action but to back to the app.

Thanks by the reply


This won’t be possible at this time. A Thunkable app will only “run” while it’s the main open app on the screen. The only function that runs while the app is closed is the push messages component.

What kind of app are you working on?

You can access the phone systems in android studio.

Hey man, that´s a start, I´ll check this option.


I think it will look like a compressed video call.

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