How to check permissions?

How can I check if the application has camera or location permissions? I am trying to do something like this (just an example):

If permission for camera is granted change text input to value “Granted”. If not change text input value to “Not granted”. I need to check it without taking a picture by camera (call Camera1’s take photo).

I found similar topic here ( ) but I don’t have these option on my Screen1 object and got no idea where to find these parameters/variables to use it with if-else statement.
I also tried do check it from WebView component with javascript (navigator.permissions.query) but it seems it is not supported solutions.

As for now… I don’t know how to check if permissions was granted or not and got no idea how to do this with Thunkable.

This is not possible,
Thunkable Doesn’t support such a block.

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Ok, I found workaround for that, which I decided to share here, because maybe it will be helpful for others having the same problem. The solution is combination of javascript and post/receive message method. .

This will ask for permission if it was not given before, but will not open the Camera as with “Camera1’s take photo” so it looks better.

  1. I am executing javascript inside WebViewer component, which looks like this:
navigator.getUserMedia (
   video: true
   function(localMediaStream) {
   function(err) {
      if(err.includes("denied")) {
      else {
  1. I am receiving postMessage with WebViewer ReceiveMessage (if message = “camera-Granted” etc.) and inside if rule I can add any action, not only inside WebViewer component but like every event I can do normally with blocks in Thunkable.

If it will throw error or latitude and logitude are null, I can assume that the permission is denied (so here no rocket scince really).

The same way as for camera but “video” will be “audio”.

After all of that:
Obviously it will be much more simple if Thunkable will add a feature or anything to allow to check permissions with blocks…or if Android Browser will start to support “Navigator API: permissions” for javascript.
Anyway… I recommend in future to add to Thunkable a feature allowing to check/ permission status from the blocks area. It will be much more comfortable to use it.