How to check if entry fields have content before navigating to the next page

I’m a complete newbie to Thunkable and coding.

I have a page which has 10 entry fields. I want the user to enter content into at least 3 fields before being able to continue to the next page. If they don’y I will prompt them with an error message and hint texts in each of the 3 fields they have left empty.

I created the below code. it displays the error messaging but if I populate the first 3 fields it doesn’t navigate to the next page when selecting the CTA.

I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong?

Also to the right of that code I also want to create new rows to my table if they add anything in the text fields 4-10. At present my table only has 3 rows. Does that code look right?

Many, many thanks.

For one thing, you’re comparing the text input’s text to see if it’s greater than 1. If you enter “hello”, what does it mean to check if “hello” > 1?

What you want to do is to check the length of the text input’s text. You can find the length block in the Text drawer.

Also, are you wanting to check if ANY three fields have text entered or only the first three fields?

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