Blank text input not creating row

Hello everone, I have taken three text input and as the below photo. It takes user input to my airtable data sheet. Here the problem is if user hit the submit button writing nothing in the input field it is creating a row. How can not creating row when user nothing writing on all text input. Could i get a suggestion please? Thank you!

inthink this would require an if then statement and an alert.

If text is empty
Show alert
If text not empty
Save data

Also, check on your variable “sex” What is the colon for?

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I’ll also point out that you probably want to clear/reset your text input fields in the 'then do' section of the 'Create Row' block rather than after the 'Create Row' block. Doing that will make the program clearer and will also remove the need for the wait block that you’ve got there.

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