How to Change the QR code Status into "Already Used!" or "Already Scanned!"

help with this "if QR code is scanned from your App, if will change the status of your QR Code “Already Scanned!” or “Not Valid! Create a new One”


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Content can use
text: hello
QR code:

If QR code return contain

`if x==hello`
   `Show label text=hello`
`if x==...`


Hi tony,

This is what I wanted to achieve:

My app shows a QR code (a dynamic QR Code). When another person scan it either using their own phone, code scanner or even any scanning machine from a cash register shall we say McD**, it will say the status of the QR code “Not Valid!” or even generate a new QR Code.

QR codes are just shortcuts to content such as text or URLs. So I think the only way to do what you’re asking is to have the QR code point to a URL that has a page that gets updated when it’s visited.

So I guess you’d need a unique URL (say, a Firebase key value) that when visited changes the value of the data source. All of this would be done outside of Thunkable. So it’s not something I can help with as I suspect it requires some HTML coding of some sort.

It would be something like:

When web page loads
   Display firebase key (e.g. "unused")
   Change firebase key (e.g. to "already used")
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Thank you for your input Tatiang, I will look into that stream.