How to change label value automatically with change of date


Need help to automatically change a label value once date changes. Any idea any one.



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Can you explain more?

Are you referring to the date of the day? Which is you want to change a label when it is after 12 midnight.

Or you are accessing a date from a table and you want to change the label if the database date is changed by another app.

For the date of the day, you can use a timer that fires every few seconds checking the day with a variable you saved the day on the start of the app. If the day is not the same as the variable then change the label.

Thank you. That also would work. In the meantime, I was able to do some formulae in Airtable where I can check for last modified date of the label. If last modified date was different that Today, then change the label and it worked. I then coupled it with your Timer suggestion to call a function every 5 hours to validate the Airtable formula. It works. Thank You again :).

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