Need Help with Updating a Label with the "Word of the Day" at 8 AM Daily

Hello Thunkable Community,

I am developing an app that is supposed to display a new “Word of the Day” each morning at 8:00 AM. I have a Google Sheets set up with a list of words, each assigned to a specific date. My current challenge is figuring out how to make the app automatically fetch the word corresponding to the current date and display it in a Label at the specified time.

Here’s what I have set up:

  • A Google Sheet with two columns: one for dates and one for words.
  • A Label in Thunkable that should show the “Word of the Day.”

Here’s where I need help:

  • Determining how to fetch the current date in Thunkable and compare it with the dates in my spreadsheet.
  • Setting a timer or trigger to update the Label with the new word exactly at 8:00 AM each day.
  • Ensuring that this process happens automatically and that the user sees the new word without having to reopen the app or refresh.

I am aware that I might use the “for each item in list” blocks to iterate through the data, but I am having trouble setting up a time control that updates the information at the desired time.

Any advice or examples of blocks that you have implemented in similar projects would be immensely appreciated. Thank you in advance for your support and the brilliant ideas this community always offers!

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1- It has to work with app open or not ?
2- In the first case you can start a timer and when hour > 8 then get your value.
3- which format you use for date ? Probably you have to download all the column when app start and then search the date in the list to get the word value

Blockquote Google Sheets Data Source - Thunkable Docs

Did the tutorial help you moved ahead?

Basically I did something similar with board hooks to trigger the action.