How to avoid fancy clone?


I thought I was reaching the goal but the clones decided otherwise.
I would never have arrived without the help of eminent members of the forum such as @tatiang or @muneer (he gave me a clone template without a wait block that I use whenever I need to reproduce lists of data with or without an image ) and it usually works

and for a few hours it has been working randomly it reproduces the list of data for me twice, or even three times without having changed anything in the way of cloning
I am disillusioned even if this application is in test on the playstore and on testflight

when I use the wait 0 sec block it’s very slow (I feel like I’m doing the custom DVL by hand :pensive:)

in the news and patches announced by @jared nothing about custom dvl and their slowness in StP or DnD (me? I’m still on StP and I finally clone I try)

Dude I use cloning extensively in my app here

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It works when you do it the right way. I use layouts in drag and drop though, not snap to place.

I’d be happy to set up a paid coaching session to go over this with you.

ScorecardX project page


I saw your demo what is the price for this personalized assistance?

Support ranges from 100-150/hr

If we live-stream/YouTube/restream the whole thing, we could do it for much less. The people need a lesson on cloning. We should chat about this. I’m busy but could make time for this.