How should I use the Alert block with Airtable in Listview?


I have a listview for my App’s Feedbacks.
The Airtable for Feedbacks contains : Name | Feedback
I want the Listview to display in items only Feedback column of my Sheet.
And when any item is clicked, get the Popup title from Spreadsheet corresponding to the Feedback & Message : the Feedback.

More Cleary, I want to display the Person’s Name who posted the Feedback as the Popup Title & the respective Feedback as the Popup Message

I tried a lot, but I didn’t make it. I must be missing something… :sweat_smile:

Any help would be great! :wink:


Hi there,

I threw together a little sample app here that should work for your purposes. Put in your AirTable API Key and Base ID and see if it works for you!

When you add an Alert to your app, make sure to add a Confirm Message and/or a Cancel Message to your Alert or it won’t show in your app. It’s happened to the best of us :sweat_smile:


Thank you so Much!
I’ll be checking it soon…


Thank you so much!
You just solved my big problem!


It has also happened to me many times… :laughing:
I was like : Did I again do mistake? Is the component faulty??
btw, Your Solution works nice!


I’m glad to hear it! :grinning: