How push notification works?

So I am creating a To Do app which made for students to add their task and due date. I was wondering if I can push notifications when it was near a due date. Like I didn’t have to be the one pushing notifications but it can automatically push notifications itself when the due date is came. I got an input that the user can type in the due date.

Do anyone know how to solve my problem? Also I was not really know about this push notifications thing so if anyone could explain it for me, I would really appreciate it.

Thank you so much!

Push Notifications was a very frustrating process for me, taking many weeks of trial and error, and the documentation from Thunkable was not very helpful.

It suggested using OneSignal and I spent weeks trying to get it to work but I couldn’t figure out how the OneSignal Player_id was set. Eventually I discovered that it is set automatically in the background when an app built with Thunkable is installed and is first launched. However, it can take a couple of minutes for this to bet set.

Once you retrieve the Player_id that OneSignal issued, you can use it to send push notifications.

I haven’t looked at this in a few months, but I think there may be an update for OneSignal which I haven’t reviewed yet and I there may also be an alternative to OneSignal.

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