How long does an object persist?

How long does an object persist, i.e. if I create an object on one screen, can I refer to it on another screen?

For example, I retrieve data from a database and store it in an object on one screen. I can of course save the data from the object to variables or to local storage, to allow it to be used on any screen, but can I cut out this step and refer to the object on another screen?

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What do you mean by an object? Using the create object block? Can you give an example? Any value you want to re-use needs to be stored in a variable, local database or cloud database.

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Yes - the create object block. If I create it on one screen, can I refer to elements of that object block on another screen.
Assume that I have connected to a database, retrieved the record_id from the database which is stored in the object.
If this is used on one screen, can I refer to the object element fromDB.record_id on another screen using a get property block?

Yes, as long as you are getting/setting the object properties using variable (and object) blocks. In your screenshot, your object “lives” in app variable fromDB. So that’s the variable you can use. The object doesn’t exist outside of that variable.

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Thank you Tatiang

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