How is the thunkablex web app traffic capacity

Hello, I published my app as web app. I will present it to professional usage. How about traffic capacity in heavy usage? or Will I have any limitations for many people connect to my web app?

Thanks in Advance

I have the same doubt.

explain more

How are you defining heavy usage here @Serhat_Buyruk and @caminostudio ? Will you have 100s of simultaneous users? 1,000s?

You web apps are currently hosted on the Thunkable servers, so if you can achieve this traffic we’ll be happy to help you out.

What sort of app did you build?

Due to COVID19 I started offering my training and lectures through videoconference (Google Meet, Zoom, MS Teams). To interact with the participants of the training and lectures I started to create simple web games with Thunkable (similar to Kahoot and Mentimeter, but customized). Participants access responsive web apps Thunkable on their cell phones at the start of the videoconference. My apps don´t use Thunkable Data Sources (only use my on Firebase RTDB). So far my biggest training / speech was for 100 simultaneous participants. I would like to know the maximum number of participants without causing problems for Thunkable’s servers. Or to know if there will be in the future a type of membership fee (complementary business model) that offer dedicated servers for Thunkable web apps (with faster loading of web apps | It would be wonderful !!!).


Iot baset farm control system. Costumers are asking me for publisment time. Thanks for your reply

So would I @caminostudio! I’m assuming you didn’t notice any lag with 100 concurrent users?

I’ll see if I can find a rough order of magnitude for you - but I think it would be a good problem to have.

Do you have any future training sessions planned?

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I have no major future training planned. But it would be important to know if I can use my Thunkable web app for training with 2,000 people, for example. Thanks!