How I a controlling a Raspberry Pi Zero and Solid State Relays with Thunk-able

I am so glad I found your product is great!
And this is what I am using I am using:

– Raspberry Pi Zero
–Pimoroni AutomationpHAT
–3Crydom D1D40 DC relays
– 100watt 12v power supply

– Flask (on the Pi to create a web interface to allow the app to control the SSRs)
– Automation pHAT examples and library]
– Python 3 for the shell scripts
– Thunkable…

The pHAT has one relay but also has some low side switched outputs that are great to run SSR’s at 12V… This unit is 24v max so large loads would need to be isolated via SSR and I am controlling 12v pinch valves mounted in a mini-fridge for dispensing “beverages!”
On a side not using relays with the solenoid valves reduces the need for fly-back diodes due to high voltage spike generated due to magnetic field collapsing I am using special bottle caps that allow me to have dip tubes in soda bottles and an air pump with an analog pressure switch to control the pressures in the bottle to allow even flow of liquids. I am still working on it but it I will post the flask configuration (its a tiny file) and the python scripts I am using to control the pHAT soon…

Thanks for all you do!