How do i write text on the canvas?

I’m wanting to be able to have the user enter a short line of text and then have that text appear on top of an object on the canvas, but the only thing I can find on this is for thunkable classic and I can’t find anything like it on thunkable X. Can someone tell me how to do this, or if it’s even possible with how thunkable X is set up?

Check it

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Can you explain what you’re doing here? I’ve never used the row/columns so i don’t understand what it’s doing.

In Thunkable X have no blocks with which to place the component in the screen coordinate point with X and Y. Therefore, the column and row are used to move the component. If you change the width of Column, then it moves horizontally Label because Column and Label are in a Row. If you change Column height, it moves vertically Label.

For this mechanism to work, you must make the Canvas coordinate system and Screen are aligned with each other. Simply put, you need to Label movement also occurred in Canvas coordinate system.

To position the Label must take into account the fact that the coordinate point is set Label the upper left corner, and the sprite coordinate is measured from its center.

Label to be displayed on the Canvas layer it is necessary to arrange the above Canvas and include absolute positioning for it.

You understand explanation?

This example can be greatly simplified, but due to uncorrected bug it will not work on iOS.

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ok i think I get it, thanks a lot, really annoying that this is the only way because it kind of feels like a bug with the columns and rows.

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