How do I use the timer component?

Hi Thunkers,

I have been trying to create some screen dynamics by controlling the speed at which I open and close my accordion sections on a page I constructed. The problem I am having is with the timer component.


I know there are many different ways to accomplish what I am attempting but basically I am wanting to reduce the height of my container by increments of 1% over 1 sec or so.

The steps are taking much longer than the selected interval and the overall execution is taking several seconds instead of the desired and expected 1 sec. I can’t seem to speed it up while keeping it smooth.

A similar loop at 1% reduction without the timer is lightning quick so I suspect the delay is in calling the timer.

I am hoping someone has had some experience with using the timer at sub 10mS calls in a loop.

Hi @eddie.rebehy did you get this working in the end?

The Cartographr sample app has a custom splash screen that fades in using similar maths and timers.

Let me know whether of not that helps with this.

Thanks @domhnallohanlon

I couldn’t get it to work but I must admit I also didn’t place too much emphasis on this part of my project and moved on fairly quickly.

I tried the app you mentioned but it didn’t have any splash screen and consisted of one map page only.

This is the link I tried:

In any case, I am looking forward to sharing my app with one of the more competent Thunkable freelancers for overall improvements when I have a functional sample. I am not yet at that stage but I am extremely happy with the progress to date. Thunkable is an awesome platform despite the shortcomings and restrictions.