How do I store user profiles in my app?

i wanna make a social media app after a person sign up there will be few questions a person has to answer i want these answer to remain saved with the account and is displayable to others just like how facebook is with your school job city etc how can we do that

Hi @jxbclothes69gc7 - thanks for being an active contributor to this community. It’s possible that you’re not familiar with online communities (and there’s nothing wrong with that!) but it’s worth pointing out that every group or community - both online and offline - has its own guidelines and rules.

In the Thunkable Community you can be find these in the #communityguidelines. Please pay careful attention to them.

In particular, please take a few minutes to read this post, which was written so that you can everyone can have the best possible experience here.

In particular, please be careful when creating your Topic title. For example, your original title does little to communicate the nature of your question to your fellow community members:

Since this is bit difficult i would like if thunker expert could help me

Since you have a question about creating individual user profiles, I have updated your title to reflect the nature of your question.

In relation to your question about gathering user data, I would advise that you start by looking at this sign in example, study it carefully, and when you have fully understood it, start by adding one extra field at a time.

For example, can you store the users City and then display it in their profile? Then add in the job title and so on, taking one small step at a time.

App development is incremental and iterative. It will require lots of patience and perseverance, and of you try to add in too many features too quickly it will cause headaches and hardship.

Best of luck with it.