How do I reduce polling frequency?

Hi! I am using my screens in a navigator but still not working propertly and getting slow. I run part of program forever in first screen to recieve BLE data continously and each time I go to another screen and come back I can see twice or more data upgrades per second. Every screen into navigator. Any other ideias?

Hey @eduardo.baladaozm3a2,
Going to move this to a new topic since I’m not sure it’s related to screen navigators.

From this description it sounds like the data are being polled twice, is that right ?

What blocks are you using in your when Screen opens event?

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Hello again! I cross the night looking for a way and apparently i found.

My blocks are simple as fill labels with data get from a local storage and in the and a forever block getting each 1 second new data from ble.
When I separate this forever blocks to a function and make It stop before click any buttom to change screen it work.
Even other screens in navigator work without add more and more geyting data from ble, now its only one and notting get slow.
I hope could be understandable in the text.

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