How do i make a list repeat itself?

I’m trying to create a page where I have a button and every time it’s clicked new text appears. and the list of text repeats. Someone from Thunkable sent me a screen shot and I copied it EXACTLY, but it’s not working. (See attached) It goes through my list once, it says undefined at the end and stops with no repeat. What am I doing wrong? Please send me a screen shot because explaining in engineer means nothing to me :slight_smile: I have a MA in teaching, not engineering. It’s like reading Chinese, these forums :slight_smile: I can only copy pictures because I’ll admit I’m not understanding this one bit. Trying to create something for my students. :slight_smile: I understand pictures and the youtube videos and that’s about it. :slight_smile: Thanks!!

Hello @Laura_Griffith
try this

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Thank you.
I have checked and checked and done exactly that, but now when I open the app on my phone I push the button once and the text reads the third entry of my list. I push the button again and it says “undefined” and thats it. No repeating and doesn’t even read my whole list. Now it’s worse.

Oh wait. Now suddenly it’s working! I think the connection between my computer and phone was off somehow. I’m having very delayed reactions to changes. THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH! THREE WEEKS I’VE BEEN WORKING ON THIS WITH THUNKABLE. OMG. :slight_smile:

I assume if I make the list number, I just up the number “5” to the number of things in my list? Also, do you know how to make it so that when a user opens the app it goes to the place in the list they left off instead of the beginning. Currently on my branding screen I have this (see photo). I want it to continue showing the branding screen and then going to my button/list, but even if the user closes the app it goes to the place in the list where they left off. Thanks!44%20PM

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It means, If a user left the app at no 3 ( list no. 3 ) and when he/she opens it again then you want to show the list form no 3 not from no 1.

Am i right ?

Just save your last position in a localstorage and when you reopen the screen check the number stored and get the list number associated (for example your used left at no3, save in the local storage as key : “whatever” and value : 3)
When the user comes back set when screen opened get from localstorage (same key) and place the number in your “In my list get # value”

Don’t forget to set your variable again :wink:

Sorry, my MA is in teaching, not engineering. You’re not speaking my language :slight_smile: Can you send a screen shot?

Sorry, meant to say if I make the LIST longer, I just change the number 5 to the length of the list, right?
I tried it out and it worked.

(I don’t even know if you’re answering my first question or the 2nd. If it’s the first I figured it out already, thanks. :slight_smile: )

Hello @Laura_Griffith
try these blocks !

According to this, when a user reopens the app the list position will automatically be set, where the user left it.

/Ct tricks

Thank you!
Just checking…I put this with the blocks on the page where I have the list? Someone from Thunkable sent me something that I put on the branding screen. (It didn’t work and they’ve sent me multiple fixes…but all code for the branding screen).


I think you meant a ≠? I tried it and several others and now when I push my button the text doesn’t change at all. ??