How do I get the Promoter badge

How do I get the Promoter badge in thunkable community

Hi @gm_shack, to get the promoter badge you have to invite someone to the community via the invite button on your user page. To learn more, visit Promoter badge on Community

@virajkhanna4ade I don’t think that option is available and when i go to that link like i did in another community it worked so i put that link instead of that link i just changed it to but it said error while trying to load this page

But the Promoter badge on Community page says it should invite a user from there

invite users from here

I think we are supposed to invite within

I think @eko.devs.apploro is correct.

because that’s what I did in the app inventor community and then I got the promoter badge

i dont think it is on the building platform

@domhnallohanlon do you anything about this???

try my method
u need to invte a family or friend hust

ok ill try

yep i did it, I don’t think anything happened in the community

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Mine isn’t showing up either. Is it a glitch?

why not invite more and try

alright @eko.devs.apploro I’ll try and get back soon