How do i get a team id?

i need help please i want to publish a thunk app, it has asked me to create an id, which i did and later the page appears where in needs a team id, where exactly i get the team id?

thats in your developer account

i still could not find the team id in my account

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Tatiang I use this discussion because it’s in the same area that I get a problem.
I get a profile PRO. Because I want to publish a application for the members of my montain Bike team.

I have registrate my App

Then I go to the next step

There I have succeed to download the CSR file : users_5e94a9f0a6a47644041af1c4_certificates_mycsr
But when I want to upload this file to receive a certificate I receive this error message

I tried several times but without success . Do you have any idea ?

I have done the same function directly from Appel Sign In - Apple
seams to work : ios_distribution.cer

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