How do i download files from the webviewer?

Webview is perfectly fine but how can I download and upload the files in webview. I have an application that is based on getting files but I cannot do it by using webview so what should I do anyone helps me here? Please!


EDIT Link removed by mods

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Please don’t spam a 2 year old topic.

And unless I am going crazy I’m sure you posted something similar using another account because I remember your website.


@hamzavfxa, welcome to Thunkable

You are responding in a post written over 2 years ago. If you believe you have an issue that you want to seek an advice from the members of this community, it would be better to create your own post and explain the situation you are facing and what you have tried so far.

Hey there! I created a new topic for this and closed the old topic. This will get better results for you @hamzavfxa

Can you provide a minimal example of the issue you’re talking about?

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