How do I create a checklist

How can I create a Checklist on one page so that when users check the item it will appear on another screen.

For example I am creating a ‘Harry Potter Movie’ catalogue list.

My list screen is called ‘Harry Potter Movies’ which lists all of the movies, with a checkbox.

When this check box is ticked, it will appear on a second screen titled Movies I own.

I would also like this to save so that whenever a user opens the app, the list will remain in the same state that they left it.

Check this out. It’s should help. It’s a todo list with which you can either delete items , add items, or cross off

Legend! thanks

NP. It would be great if 1) if that works for you, mark it as a solution and 2) post a screenshot or gif of whatever you end up making! #sharingiscaring

Actually just looked at your link there… I don’t quite understand how it works (I’m pretty new to this) If I create the list using the list viewer tool, how do I create the check box. and once that is checked by a user, how would I use the blocks to copy that choice onto a different screen?