How do I connect a Youtube link to the data viewer?

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I connected the data source to the data viewer. On the data source I created the column and row indicating the topics name (mouthpiece, trumpet …) and the links (to the YouTube videos).
If I click on the data viewer nothing is happening.
Is this a bug?

P.s. I can already tell that I can’t upload videos on Thunkable because they are over 300 (with average length of 3 minutes)

You must Then Use Cloudinary and Upload all of your 300 Videos with API.
As the Video Viewer Doesn’t Accept those Youtube URLs, you can still give a single Video File URL to the Viewer and it’ll work.

Thank you for the answer,
I hope that they will improve this function. It’s frustrating .
I don’t want to upload all the videos on Cloudinary.
The goal is to update the Google sheet with a new link every time I upload a video on the web, and the app has to recognise it by itself… Otherwise I would have used the Thinkable App instead of Youtube as video platform. This really doesn’t makes sense to me :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:

I just come to read your question and I just clicked your link.
Suddenly your project comes in to my account. I don’t understand how it was.
Can I delete it from my account ? and won’t it be effected to your this project in your account?

I believe you can delete. You can try, I’ll delete it anyway because it’s not working as I wanted :laughing:

I think your best bet is to upload your videos to a YouTube playlist and then display that in a Web Viewer. But I realize that doesn’t provide everything you’re looking for.

I’m not sure that Data viewer can connect to Youtube’s link.
Have you tried to use Web viewer for connecting with Youtube’s link?
And the URL link that you want to copy must come from embed link. (share link doesn’t work on Web viewer).