How can set child of cloud variable as list (chat app)

hi. im making an chat app.
i know making simple cloud variable. and i can make it as list with multiple objects.
but here’s the problem.
i want to make a list for its child (not parent cloud variable)

what i want to do is look like this:
(chat_list is parent and name1-name2 is child)

and i think these block can make it

(FYI, id1-id2 is made by sorting, so each conversation will be identical. So the first conversation is by name1 and name2. and if there are new conversations, it should be populated a new child from chat_list.

but it was not happen.
i want to know why and how to do it correctly.
is it about “initializing or something?”

i made other whole code but this one bothers me so much.
please help

I had this problem before but have not got it solved. I ended up using the local variable 1) “download” the cloud variable as “app” type And 2) append all the child, sub-child I wanted, then 3) “upload” the entire parent variable to the cloud variable. Inefficient, but it worked for my purpose.

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oh thanks. i gotta try in that way. and i think it makes sense.

can you explain to me more specific…?
cuz i tried to do, but only succeed to make @parent/@child variable as a empty list.
i want it to make a new item and object to it but it failed.

Hi, I assume that the firebase is set up properly. What I meant is something like this: