How can listview click to go to the next page?

How can list view click to go to the next page?


  1. List A > Page A
  2. List B > Page B

Hi @imjohnl :wave:

Here’s a guide on navigating with a listviewer:


Thx for information. I already try working.

Next question:

After klik new page from list view, I add button back to list view page

I using :

when back > click
do>navigate to list view

This true or not ?

When I tried it my page was blank

Yeah, that sounds ok @imjohnl,

If your listview is on Screen1 then your button should bring you back to Screen1

@imjohnl hello! Sounds like you’re building a cool app! Would you like to share a remix link or a screenshot of your blocks you have tried thus far so we may better help you with your problems.