How can I make infinity list news feed

I’m new to Thunkable so I do not know much and sorry if my question is a noob question :sweat_smile: but you know how in Instagram when someone likes your picture and you go in notification and you can scroll through these notifications. Can you do that in Thunkable?

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If you are looking for the “theory” of can it be done, I would say I’m 90% sure something like that could work. I haven’t seen an example though.

You may need to initially load 10 or 20, and then when they get to the bottom of the list have a button to load more that inserts more? That would involve some of the Clone blocks that I haven’t had much time to play with.


The idea for the endless list you can see from this project. Imagine that a new piece of data that is displayed when you press the button on the screen Rundom, as says @Darren.

Could you make a video it’s been a while since you uploaded videos hope you are doing okay missing you