How can i import aia files in thunkable X?

Please i had to work my projet the first years of my thesis on classic thunkable , with the new version of thunkable X, I can’t upload my AIA Files , any solutions or suggestions please ?
I am in the last year of my doctorate and I did not have enough time to work on the project again.
Any solution please, Help!

As far as I know, there is no way to import AIA files into Thunkable X. You can always contact Thunkable Support to see if they have any suggestions.


Aia files are not compatible with ThunkableX. They harnessed a different tech behind the scenes.

Maybe you could rebuild the app if it’s not too complex?
(I obviously have 0 clue how much work that would take)

Perhaps another builder like ai2 or niotron would import the aia files.


Thank you very much for your support, in fact, I tested ai2 as you mentioned and my project was finally open(design and blocks), however ai2 and aia files not compatible, just need to make some modifications for the project to run.

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