How can i hide screen from the tab

hi my ‘Yarışlar’ screen connected to Screen1 , but
I want the user to use the races tab to access screen 1. I don’t want the screen 1 tab to appear.

how can i hide screen1 from the tab

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set the Tab Bar Visible to OFF for Screen 1, it will not show in the tabs

didnt change (i refreshed it)

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of course it will show if you are in the same screen.

Go to any other screen and test what happens when you go to Screen1 tab.


Sorry, I think I understand you wrong.

You want Screen1 to show only when you go to a specific screen such as Main Menu. If this is what you want then this option is not directly available but the workaround is to have a Navigator inside another Navigator.

Another way is to keep screen1 out of the Navigator and have a button in the main screen to go to Screen1 and another button in Screen1 to go to the main screen in the Navigator.

oh i already wanted to do navigator inside navigator . so will try that and keep you posted
edit : i couldnt find how to make navigator inside navigator how can i do it ?

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