How can I get the RSSI using Bluetooth?

Is it possible to retrieve the RSSI value of scanned BLE devices in range using Thunkable X?

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I’m not sure @omh11 - what blocks are you using at the moment?

Is there an equivalent function in Arduino, for example?

What sort of BLE device are you using? @neuheisser would probably be the most knowledgable in this area I think?

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There is no option to see RSSI, you can only see device IDs or device names. And it is really tricky. I don’t use scan function at all, I just connect to the device with prefedined name and send data to it. BLE block definitely needs some more tweaking, thanks @domnhallohanlon for mention, I’ll be happy to help.


Thank you @domhnallohanlon and @neuheisser, I figured that much back then, just needed to make sure. Ever since I actually switched away from Thunkable and picked up a new cross-platform language to code up what I need myself. Although Thunkable X is quite attractive, it seems still far from a finished product. The main two things that stood out for me are first, the layout inconsistency issues when loading the demo, and second the limitation in certain implementations. This makes user under the mercy of developers to provide certain features.


I have the same question, any one can help on this? Please!

Unless the feature was added recently, I don’t think RSSI is supported through Bluetooth on ThunkableX.

I was looking at this in April when the first lockdown happened, to see why app developers in the UK were having trouble getting the Bluetooth address for their track and trace app (they are using bluetooth rather than GPS to protect privacy, to ‘ping’ other phones based on distance and frequency, to alert people who may have come into contact with someone infected, rather than track their GPS movements).

AFAIK, only approved or system apps can get the Bluetooth address and that probably means the RSSI too.

There could be something in the iOS/ Android documentation to help, but it’s likely a code-from-scratch scenario if you want this functionality.

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No, the RSSI is basic BLE stuff. Should easily be available. Just about every decent BLE-related app will show the fluctuating RSSI value (which is a different thing from the fixed 1 meter value). Thunkable just needs to add this function.

What you may be referring to is the MAC address of the beacon. Androids can see it and display it easily within an app. iPhones can not display it within an app until a connection is made to the beacon. This is dumb of course because technically beacons are not made to be connected to unless they are being configured. (Yes, I know, the Arduino crowd, me included, is using BLE modules to transfer data for certain applications, but that is not the original purpose of beacons.)

Anyways, the MAC address is actually a dumb thing to use, so it is not super important. The important thing to be able to scan and “see” is the broadcast UUID/Major/Minor. This is another thing that Thunkable needs to add to allow reasonably functional BLE apps to be built.