How can I get the result of [block for each item] at once?

As shown, I used the [for each item] block.
The value of this block does not immediately result.
I have to run twice to get the result.
For example, this block is executed when screen1 starts.
But the price did not come out. So I created a button and ran it again.
Then the value is printed.
How can I print out the results at one time when screen1 starts without a separate button?

Hi, @mom7667yafy! :wave:

When you use screen1 Starts, it only executes when (in the on-going session) the screen is opened the first time - i.e., this block will only execute once per app launch.

So, if you want it to execute everytime the screen opens, try switching to screen1 Opens block.

Thanks! :blush: