For each item j problem SOLVED!

Hey Thunkers!

Lately, the for each item j Block hasn’t been working for me.
I just figured out how to tackle that:
Just replace the variable j in for each item, with i or a. Only then did my blocks function. Put it here because I thought it would be helpful to anybody who has faced this.
Happy Thunking!

It shouldn’t matter which letter you use but I’m wondering if you were already using j elsewhere in your blocks. Anyway, glad you found a workaround!


I don’t know why it happened, but it did. I even set the text of a label as the first block inside For each item, but the text of the label never turned up. I didn’t use j anywhere else in my code.

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hello @codeswept do you want me to share a sample project?

Thanks, but I managed to figure it out: just change the variable name from j to i or another letter. @tatiang took the trouble of sending me a sample project, but it didn’t work for me.
Thanks again for your offer!

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