How can I get the image of the first screen on the different screens?

Dear team,

I used the camera component on first screen and I want the captured image to come automatically on the second screen image component also. what should be the commands for that?
plz help

You can save the image in a variable and then display that variable in your image component in the next screen.


it’s a good idea, @codeswept but, I guess we can’t store any type of image in variables. I would prefer creating an Google sheets data and store it with the help of media db link. and then get the row Id and get the required image on the next screen.

Also : Welcome To the community, @shekharpita143twk.

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That’s also a good idea but using Media DB and Google Sheets is an unnecessary waste, as @shekharpita143twk might now even want to save that data! It will also use data. That is also a slightly complex operation for a beginner Thunker. You can save variables in images, and I suppose that would be much simpler.

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Thanks, @codeswept, I never knew about it. You
literally gave me the bug spray to the bugs :wink:

Dear All,

Thanks for your suggestions but actually, I tried storing the image in a variable already but it didn’t work. Plz try from your end first and if it works from your end, plz let me know the way you did. Maybe I missed something.

Awaiting your reply.

Arpita Mishra

For us to find out what went wrong we’re going to need to need to see your blocks. Can you please post a screenshot of them?

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Thanks for your reply.

I just rechecked my commands and now it’s working absolutely fine.

Thanks all for your suggestions.