How can I find out the X/Y of an object inside a Layout in DnD?

Maybe it’s not a priority for @Thunkable_Staff but it would be a big step forward for me to have X/Y coordinates of an object inside a layout in DnD UI. Now, when a button, for example, is designed in a layout, it loses the ability to provide its own X/Y coordinates. Is it something I can hope for in the future?
Thank you.

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Hi there,

See image below here you can change the y and y of that button.

I wish that this would be so simple. But the issue is that if you put that button INSIDE a layout, when you wish to find it’s own X/Y through blocks, it will result in layout’s X/Y, and not button’s X/Y.
That is my issue.
Maybe they solved that ? Because I didn’t tried for a few months, to be honest.


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